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Please see the club rules below. You can also download them by clicking HERE


Rev. June, 2020

1. ALL FLYERS , other than first

    time trainees, will have a

    current AMA membership

    before flying.

2. ALL FLYERS shall be registered

    with the FAA and have their

    FAA registration number

    affixed to every aircraft they fly.

3. Everyone will be properly

    certified by club approved

    instructors of either the

    Ravenna Thunderbirds or the

    Corsair Model Aircraft Club

    before soloing (flying by

    themselves), this does not

    include guests (with AMA

    cards) when accompanied by a

    certified club member. Club

    members are responsible for

    actions of their guests.

4. Hours of flying are:   8:00 am till

    dusk. 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

    (aircraft with lights only)


5. No alcoholic beverages are

    permitted at the field.

6. No spectators are permitted in

    the pit area, unless escorted by

    an AMA member. Children are

    NOT permitted beyond

    spectator area without an

    AMA card.

7. All pilots using 72Mhz radios

    shall be responsible for

    announcing that fact to all other

    pilots at the field. It is the

    responsibility of all

    pilots using 72Mhz at the field

    to coordinate channel

    numbers to ensure duplicate

    channels are not being used.

    Channel number flags must be

    displayed clearly at all times.

    Failure to following this rule

    shall be subject to disciplinary

    action as outlines below.

8. If by failing to follow the 72Mhz

    guidelines in rule #7, you cause

    another aircraft that is flying on

    the same channel to crash, you

    are responsible to replace

    everything that is damaged in

    that crash, up to and including

    the aircraft.

9. There will be absolutely NO

    driving of any vehicle on the

    runway or planted fields. Failure

    to follow this rule will result in a

    $200 fine imposed by the

    property owner.

10. There will be absolutely no

      flying behind the flight line,

      over the pit area

      or over the parking area

     (see attached field maps). All

     flyers must yield right of way to

     full scaleaircraft at all times.

11. With the exception of takeoff

     and landings, no powered

     model may be flown closer

     than 25 feet to any person.

12. Pit area is for parking aircraft,

      starting, testing and run up of

      engines. Also all aircraft will

      be adequately restrained when

      the engine is being started, or

      while it is running.

13. Pilots will announce,"landing",

      "dead stick", "on the field", or

      "taking off" to advise other

      pilots of his intentions. Pilots

      must give right of way to any

      other pilot who has announced

      any of the above.

14. No taxiing of aircraft back into

      pit area, engine to be shut off

      at drainage ditch. Taxiing away

      from the pit is permitted.

15. An effective muffler will be

      used on all engines .09 cubic

      inch and up.

16. Non members can fly (with

      buddy box) three times

      without AMA membership.

      Non members with AMA cards

      can fly three times as a guest

      before being required to

      joining the club.

17. Special Training Program

      (CMAC) As per AMA

      guidelines, student pilots can

      fly (with buddy box) three

      times before being required to

      join AMA.

18. No flying while the runway is

      being mowed. Flying is

      permitted while mowing is

      being done Behind the pit


19. Potential instructors should be

      viewed by at least two other

      instructors and then decided


20. The discharge of firearms as a

      method of retrieving airplanes

      from trees is prohibited.

21. Jetway Only, Student pilots are

      required to have a spotter at

      all times. When a full scale

      aircraft is spotted, 1. Step

      back from the runway

      immediately. 2. If time permits,

      land immediately, and clear the

      runway. OR 3. Place your

      aircraft in a low, slow, tight

      circle, away from the runway.

22. Flying at Diamond Hill Park on

      a day not listed on the field

      permit will result in

      disciplinary action as outlined


23. Diamond St. field only –

      Absolutely no flying southwest

      (toward the Hot Stove Ball

      Fields) of a line of sight from

      the pilot to the single tree at

      the west end of the runway.

      Also there should be no flying

      south of the runway between

      the backstops.

24. Grievance procedure for

      enforcement of violations of

      Field Rules, and the AMA

      Safety Code is as outlined



The grievance procedure will

provide a mechanism for a disciplinary system when needed.

Although most complaints can be resolved informally. If a complaint is serious or cannot be resolved informally, the matter should be referred to the Board for its consideration by means of a grievance form to be filled out and turned into a member of the Board. The Board consists of

the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and at least one Trustees. At least one witness is required to sign the Grievance form. If the Board agrees with the Grievance, then the accused will lose flying privileges as follows:

FIRST VIOLATION: The viewpoint of both complainants and accused will be considered. The board will give a written warning.

SECOND VIOLATION: The accused has the right to a written rebuttal, to be reviewed by the

Board. The accused will have no flying privileges for a month.

THIRD VIOLATION: The accused will have no flying privileges for one year. If a member chooses to fly during his/her loss of flying privileges, as noted above, it will result in automatic termination of club membership, and forfeiture of club dues. A member who has had his membership terminated can rejoin after one year. Violations to cover a twelve month period.